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Zion Lutheran Ministries uses Great Lakes Scrip Center as a form of fundraising through the use of gift cards. See the following webpage and video that explains SCRIP, how it works and the benefits: 

SCRIP-learn more


How do I register?

1.  Go to

2.  From the upper menu, select Join A Program. The enrollment code for Zion Lutheran PTL SCRIP/Menomonee Falls, WI is 6353545F5362.

3.  Select Register and follow the steps to complete your Scrip account.


When will I receive my cards? 

Scrip orders that are placed by Friday will be ready for pick-up the following Friday.


How do I receive my cards?

Church families can pick up Scrip on Sundays, school families can pick up Scrip in the school office and childcare families can pick up Scrip in the childcare office. 


S, R, RN, What do they mean?

S=ScripNow eCards. Available on your mobile device without purchasing physical gift cards. That can be scanned from your mobile device at the store/restaurant you are in. Eliminates cards in the wallet.

R=Reload. Reload a gift card that was purchased through Scrip but is not available right away. It would be similar to ordering a gift card and waiting for it to come in. Eliminates extra cards in the wallet.

RN= ReloadNow. Reload your Scrip gift cards instantly online or by mobile device to use at the store/restaurant immediately. Eliminates extra cards in the wallet.